Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd WD19 4DA

Lesson plans

Salsa dance lessons in Watford

Lesson plans

Salsa dance courses outlines.

Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford 


BASICS 7.30pm-8.30pm £65

1/ Basic exercises to develop rhythm. Mambo and Rumba movements

2/ Mambo and Rumba variations to include contra Rumba and Back basics

3/ Back basics into reverse turn to the right. Forward turn to the right.

4/ Forward turn into caminando with reverse turn for the man

5/ Forward turn into double hold with cross over step.

6/ Recap 5 weeks and introduce the Enchufla turn.

INTERMEDIATE 8.30pm-9.30pm £65

1/ Forward turn, caminando into reverse turn and enchufla doble

2/ Mambo into Rumba with toca. Double and triple tap steps

3/ Guapea step into side by side followed by forward turn to the left into 3 turns

4/ Back basics into change of hands…enchufla the lady into a Leslie Phillips

5/ Mambo forward turn, hook right arm around ladies elboe into caminando.

6/ Recap 5 weeks plus freestyle adornos into double hold.

We do not offer drop in classes, as we run structured 6 week courses

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