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Havana Teachers

Salsa dance lessons in Watford

Havana Teachers

Here are names of various dance teachers and professionals that I met in Havana and I think that they are very good at their work.



barbara1Barbara Vai Havana Vieja area.

She dances very well and has a happy personality. English needs work on but she is able to communicate steps.

She is a professional dancer and has worked in parts of Europe in the past.



sandraSandra Havana Vieja and Miramar

A show dancer at Cafe Europa and dance director of a dance school for children in Miramar.

Speaks a little English and knows dance techniques very well.



orestesOrestes   CasaSon Marina No 5 Malecon 2nd floor Havana
Tel +53 8780141 Email: [email protected]


A dance teacher of Cuban styles. The school is in an amazing situation overlooking the Malecon. It is towards Vedado. He speaks good English and from what I could tell, he makes his classes fun.


yunesiyYuneisy Aguirre Aguiar No 362 Bajos e/Obispo y Obrapia Havana Vieja

A dancer for most of her life. She teaches various styles but needs some more English training. She can be seen dancing at Cafe Europa 3 days a week. A good personality



yuniYuneisy Pagan. Casa del Tango Calle Neptuno Havana

A professional Salsa teacher and show dancer. Speaks little English. Has an engaging personality and is very nice to dance with. For guys, she would be great to have as a dance partner at a Salsa club. Her rates are reasonable and will save you being hassled at a club by “ladies”



CasadeSonCasa del Son Havana Vieja. There are many teachers based at the venue so I would suggest visiting and talking with a few to set up once class. Do not be talked into a series of lessons as I know people that didnt achieve much by doing so.

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