Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd WD19 4DA


Salsa dance lessons in Watford

Private Sunday Lessons

I am able to offer private lessons in Watford on Sunday afternoons from 2pm. These are prebooked and prepaid. I am able to teach a variety of styles from Argentine Tango to Salsa Cubana. Please contact me to discuss your dance requirements. Check out the Private Lessons page

Lesson plans

Salsa dance courses outlines. Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford  Wednesdays BASICS 7.30pm-8.30pm £65 1/ Basic exercises to develop rhythm. Mambo and Rumba movements 2/ Mambo and Rumba variations to include contra Rumba and Back basics 3/ Back basics into reverse turn to the right. Forward turn to the right. 4/ Forward turn into…
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Salsa Dance courses

From Wednesday February 23rd, I am starting new 6 week structured courses at Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford WD19 4DA. It is prebooked only, as we limit numbers to 14 maximum. We prefer partner rotation system to improve leading and following skills. 7.30pm-8.30pm Basics of the dance. £65 8.30pm-9.30pm Intermediate level dancers £65.…
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Salsa Wednesday Courses

I am pleased to confirm I am running a structured 6 week Salsa course from February 15th. Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford WD19 4DA 7.30-8.30pm Fundamentals of Salsa £65 for 6 weeks To book please call 07944 462461 by Tuesday morning. This is prebooked only. No dropins.

Salsa Thailand

In August and September I visited Pattaya, Thailand for three weeks for a working holiday. I was very happy to provide several private dance sessions. My first was at Max’s impressive penthouse apartment in central Pattaya

Coming soon

Its amazing how quickly time flies. I have just finished teaching the 6 week Salsa and Latin dance courses in Watford. I am now off on a two week trip to Thailand preparing for the next courses. Pattaya has a thriving Salsa scene and I look forward to dancing most nights. I will be teaching…
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Salsa and Latin dance course

My next structured 6 week course for Casino Salsa with Latin dances will begin on Wednesday 5th June. Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford WD19 4DA. Bookings are available now as we limit to 14 students per session. I will take you through social style movements  This is not a drop in class or…
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